The LARSINOS Company offers tangible support to the activities of athletic associations and bodies of the local communities where it is active, aiming at enhancing the spirit of fair play.

Sports hold a top place in the sponsorship plan of LARSINOS, which supports a large number of amateur and local sports clubs and associations.

Since it was founded, the LARSINOS Company has been supporting the activities of cultural associations and bodies, its ultimate objective being the support and enhancement of Greek culture and tradition.

For the company, culture is not a “language of the few”, but a “language of the many”, that addresses all social groups and classes; therefore, it is a conscious act by the company to support such events.

Recognising the importance of EOT (Greek National Tourism Organisation) posters for tourism development in our country and their significant cultural role, LARSINOS was the official SPONSOR of the exhibition named “GREEK COLOUR & LIGHT”, featuring EOT posters from 1930 to 1980, from the collection of N. & E. Stavrinakis, at the Historical and Folklore Museum of Corinth. The exhibition was held from June 5th to June 30th, 2009.


The LARSINOS Company was the SPONSOR of a photo album about Corinth, a luxurious, scientifically documented publication titled “Old and New Corinth, 1850-1980, a Photographic chronicle covering more than a century”, which is a collectors item containing useful reference material.

LARSINOS places great emphasis on Health issues, both through initiatives for the development of the quality of work of its employees and through supporting Medical Associations and Bodies in the broader regions where it is active.

The companys sponsorship programme for Health includes actions which concern:
  • financial support of Bodies / Associations,
  • support of infrastructure projects for Hospitals and Medical Centres in local communities and
  • Sponsorship of medical day-meetings or events that aim at informing citizens on Health issues.