Products of high durability requirements

For each of the concrete categories above, the following sub-categories are produced, depending on the projects intended use and the environment of exposure:
1. Coated concrete without special requirements
2. Non-coated concrete without special requirements
3. Concrete that is resistant to surface damage
4. Concrete of reduced water penetration
5. Concrete within water (non-corrosive)
6. Concrete in the sea
7. Concrete in coastal environments
8. Concrete resistant to chemicals

Special use concrete
1. Stakes
2. Fibre-reinforced
3. Gunite-shotcrete
4. Trench-ditch-recess filling GeoCrete (C.L.S.M.)
5. Pervious concrete
6. Self-supporting (gomaco)

Concrete products depending on the maximum size of aggregate grain
1. MORTAR CEMENT with 0 / 4 mm aggregate
2. GRAVEL CONCRETE with 0/ 16 mm aggregate
3. CONCRETE with 0 / 32 mm aggregate
All concrete products of LARSINOS company subject to daily checks to ensure their resistance to wear and tear and seismic vibrations.