Through continuous investment in technical knowledge and equipment, LARSINOS is proud to present two new, exclusive products, based on the Companys development philosophy for the provision of High Performance products.

Pervious concrete
LARSINOS exclusively presents Pervious concrete, a durable, highly porous form of concrete that allows easy discharge of water into the soil, with no leaks. This way, water is absorbed by the earth without causing damage to the soil.
Pervious concrete is formed by mixing coarse aggregate – cement – water, resulting in blank spaces within the concrete mass greater than 20% in size, thus allowing water and air to permeate its mass, rendering it an important construction material that is environmentally friendly and resistant to load shifts in the construction.

Applications: pervious concrete is intended for use in covering large external surfaces, such as parking spaces, outdoor areas around residences, pedestrian walkways in recreational parks, squares, outdoor factory areas, paving of basements with high water presence.
GeoCrete (CLSM): Trench – Ditch Filling Cement

GeoCrete (CLSM) is a highly ductile cement-like mixture (liquefied filler) with stability of volume and controlled geotechnical characteristics. It is designed to contain, as a rule, fine or even coarse aggregate – cement – fly ash – chemical additives – water.
It is called a controlled low strength material because, according to A.C.I 229R, its compressive strength may not exceed 8.3 MPa. The applications of its use depend on its compressive strength. Its most common application is as filling material, replacing traditional fillers thanks to the possibility it offers for future re-excavation with a compressive strength of 0.5~2.1 MPa.

Other major filling applications: excavations, abandoned tanks in general, cavities in inaccessible recesses, repairs in road construction as an underlying layer of bituminous surfacing material, stabilization of slopes.
FillFloor: The new reality in smoothing internal floors
FillFloor is a ready mix cement superfluid mixture, “cement mortar”, with volume firmness and controlled technical features. It is used as a levelling mortar for finishing interior floors prior to coating with tiles, marble or other coatings.
The production and verification is carried out at the modern LARSINOS factories and it is transported by mixer vehicles to the project site, with the necessary liquidity and volume stability. The pumping is performed with a special mortar pump or with a conventional mixed concrete (press) pump. As a filling material it comes under the cement mortars category and its design / production is in accordance with the ELOT standard ΕΝ 13813.